Who Can Legally Consume Alcohol in Gujarat: Understanding the Exemptions

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December 28, 2023

Who Can Legally Consume Alcohol in Gujarat: Understanding the Exemptions


  • The Gujarat Prohibition Act has seen recent relaxations within the precincts of GIFT City in Gandhinagar. However, exemptions allowing certain individuals across the state to obtain liquor permits remain intact. These provisions outline the categories eligible for legal alcohol consumption in Gujarat.

Permit Categories and Eligibility

Legal Drinking Age and Permit Categories:

  • Individuals aged 21 or above can obtain a temporary permit, while those aged 40 and above, along with ex-servicemen, are eligible for health permits.

State-Issued Permits and Licenses:

  • Gujarat regulates the manufacturing, sale, and consumption of alcohol through a system of state-issued licenses and permits. Consumers are required to obtain permits, whereas manufacturers and sellers need specific licenses.

Varieties of Permits Available

Classifying Permit Types:

  • The permits broadly fall into five categories, distinguishing between health and non-health permits. Additionally, there are provisions for ‘Group Permits’ and ‘Tatkal’ permits catering to urgent needs. All permit holders can purchase foreign liquor from licensed vendors across the state.

Cost and Validity:

  • Health permits, costing up to Rs 4,000, necessitate an annual renewal fee of Rs 2,000. Non-health permits, valid from a week to a month, range in cost from Rs 100 to Rs 500.

Understanding Health Permits

Eligibility and Criteria:

  • Health permits, an established form in Gujarat, require applicants to be over 40, earn a monthly income exceeding Rs 25,000, and present a medical reason for the permit. These permits, issued under specific sections of the Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules, have varying validity periods determined by the area medical board.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Applicants under different sections are subject to distinct regulations, with specified monthly quantities based on age and section under which the permit is issued.

Non-Health Permit Categories

Different Permit Types:

  • Permits for Temporary Residents, Tourist Permits, and Visitors’ Permits cater to foreigners temporarily residing or visiting Gujarat. These permits have varying durations and quantities allowed for purchase.

Issuance Procedures:

  • Tourist and visitor permits are now accessible through an online portal, streamlining the application process.

Other Permit Categories and Issuance Authorities

Group Permits and Emergency/Tatkal Permits:

  • Group permits cater to participants in national or international conferences, while emergency permits allow possession of limited quantities for family members.

Authorized Permit Issuers:

  • Different authorities are authorized to issue permits, such as officials at GIFT City, designated department heads, and managers of licensed liquor shops.

Understanding Measurement Units and Popular Permits

Defining a ‘Unit’:

  • The definition of a ‘unit’ varies based on the type of liquor consumed, helping standardize quantities.

Popular Permit Trends:

  • Health permits have gained popularity among Gujarat residents above 40, while temporary permits for business or tourism purposes have seen a decline in applications.


  • The Gujarat Prohibition Act’s exemptions encompass various permit categories catering to distinct demographics and purposes. The evolution of permit issuance showcases shifting trends in alcohol consumption preferences among residents and visitors alike.

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