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A comprehensive Judicial Exam Test Series is designed to cater to aspirants preparing for various Judicial Service Examinations such as PCS-J (Provincial Civil Services – Judicial) and APO (Assistant Prosecution Officer) exams across different states like UP (Uttar Pradesh), MP (Madhya Pradesh), Bihar, Rajasthan, and others. The test series aims to provide focused and strategic preparation for these esteemed examinations.

Key features and components of such a test series might include:

  • Subject-wise Coverage: Thorough coverage of subjects such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Evidence Law, and other relevant legal subjects as per the syllabus prescribed for each state’s judicial service examination.
  • Mock Tests and Practice Papers: Regular mock tests simulating the exam pattern and difficulty level, allowing aspirants to practice under exam-like conditions. These tests may cover both preliminary and mains examinations.
  • State-specific Focus: Tailored content addressing the nuances and specificities of each state’s judiciary examination pattern, including local laws and regulations.
  • Expert Guidance and Analysis: Guidance from experienced faculty or legal experts providing insights into exam patterns, answering techniques, and strategies to tackle different sections of the exam effectively. Detailed analysis of mock tests to pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • Current Affairs and Legal Updates: Integration of current affairs relevant to the legal domain, recent judgments, amendments in laws, and legal updates, ensuring candidates stay abreast of the latest developments.
  • Online and Offline Accessibility: Accessibility of the test series both online and offline, allowing candidates to study and practice at their convenience.
  • Personalized Support: Provision of doubt-solving sessions, mentorship, and one-on-one interactions with experienced faculty to address individual queries and concerns.
Fee:  Vaid’s  Student: Rs 2000 /-    Outside Student: Rs 5000/-

Test Schedule:

Time Table
Combined Mock Tests for PCS-J & APO:2024
S.No. Date Subject Test No.
1. 23.12.2023 I.P.C. + Cr.P.C. + I.E.A. 1st
2. 30.12.2023 I.P.C. + Cr.P.C. + I.E.A. IInd
3. 06.01.2024 I.P.C. + Cr.P.C. + I.E.A. IIIrd
4. 13.01.2024 I.P.C. + Cr.P.C. + I.E.A. IVth
5. 20.01.2024 I.P.C. + Cr.P.C. + I.E.A. Vth
PCS-J Mock Tests (Exclusive): 2024
6. 27.01.2024 All Subjects VIth
7. 03.02.2024 All Subjects VIIth
8. 10.02.2024 All Subjects VIIIth
9. 17.02.2024 All Subjects IXth
10. 24.02.2024 All Subjects Xth
11. 02.03.2024 All Subjects XIth
12. 09.03.2024 All Subjects XIIth
Minor Act:
13. 16.03.2024 Disabilities + POCSO + D.P. Act XIIIth
14. 23.03.2024 PPDT Act + MTP Act + IRW Act XIVth
15. 30.03.2024 S.C Act + D.V. Act + Sexual Har. Act XVth



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