Vaishali Rameshbabu Attains Grandmaster Title in Chess

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December 5, 2023

Vaishali Rameshbabu Attains Grandmaster Title in Chess

Vaishali Rameshbabu becomes India's third female chess grandmaster, makes  history with brother Praggnanandhaa | Chess News - Times of India


  • Vaishali Rameshbabu, an Indian chess prodigy and sister of Pragnananda, has reached a significant milestone in her career by securing the esteemed Grandmaster title. Her accomplishment, marked by surpassing 2,500 FIDE ranking points at the IV El Llobregat Open in Spain, positions her among a select few in the chess world.

Significance of the Achievement

  • Joining an elite league comprising luminaries like Koneru Humpy and Harika Dronavalli, Vaishali becomes only the third Indian woman player to claim the revered Grandmaster title. This achievement not only reflects her individual prowess but also contributes to elevating India’s prominence in the global chess circuit.

Understanding the Grandmaster Title

  • The Grandmaster title, conferred by the International Chess Federation (FIDE), stands as the ultimate accolade in the realm of chess. It signifies not just exceptional skill but also a proven track record of success in intensely competitive arenas, cementing one’s status among the world’s finest chess players.

Insight into Recognized Chess Titles

  • Apart from the prestigious Grandmaster title, FIDE bestows seven other titles, encompassing distinctions like International Master (IM), FIDE Master (FM), and various titles specifically designed for women players. These titles, including the Grandmaster title, are granted for life, subject to maintaining integrity and abiding by FIDE regulations.

Historical and Qualifying Aspects of the Grandmaster Title

  • The term ‘grandmaster’ traces its roots back nearly a century and was formally established by FIDE in 1950. The initial cohort of Grandmasters in 1950 included illustrious names such as Mikhail Botvinnik, the then-world champion. Presently, achieving the Grandmaster title demands meeting specific criteria, including reaching a FIDE Classical rating of 2,500 and securing three Grandmaster norms, each contingent on stringent tournament performance benchmarks.

Vaishali Rameshbabu’s Journey to Grandmaster Glory

  • Vaishali’s ascent to the Grandmaster title underscores her remarkable consistency and excellence in international chess competitions. Her success significantly contributes to bolstering India’s reputation as a dominant force in the global chess arena.


  • Vaishali Rameshbabu’s attainment of the Grandmaster title not only solidifies her standing as a formidable chess player but also adds another chapter to India’s rich legacy in the world of chess. Her accomplishment serves as an inspiration to aspiring players and further cements India’s position as a powerhouse in the international chess fraternity.

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Vaishali Rameshbabu Attains Grandmaster Title in Chess | Vaid ICS Institute