Uttarakhand’s Tourism Innovations: A Journey Above and Beyond

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December 22, 2023

Uttarakhand’s Tourism Innovations: A Journey Above and Beyond

Uttarakhand is a state where we experience both divinity and development  together: PM Modi

Breakfast Tourism: A New Heights Experience

  • Uttarakhand, known for its Himalayan AirSafari service, is gearing up for an exhilarating addition to its tourism repertoire: breakfast in the clouds. This novel scheme aims to fuse aviation thrill with natural serenity, offering tourists an extraordinary experience.

The Vision

  • The state plans to elevate its AirSafari service by introducing a unique concept—treating tourists to a sumptuous breakfast in remote, hard-to-reach locations. Identified starting points like Kalsi, Chinyalisaur, Gaucher, Bairagi Camp, Nainisaini, and Pantnagar will serve as launch pads for flights to picturesque spots such as Raithal, Harsil, George Everest, Rishikesh, and Nainital.
  • Satish Bahuguna, an Officer of Special Duty at the Uttarakhand Tourism Department, envisions an exclusive venture catering to elite tourists. Drawing inspiration from countries offering breakfast in meadows, Bahuguna highlights Uttarakhand’s stunning alpine meadows (bugyals), ensuring minimal ecological disruption. This initiative focuses on curated experiences, proposing a flight from Sahastradhara to Harsil Valley, where tourists can relish breakfast, engage in brief activities, and return within a few hours.

Sustainable Approaches

  • Preserving the region’s ecology remains a priority. Exploring alternatives to permanent structures, officials consider involving locals to provide authentic delicacies and temporary setups. This initiative not only sustains the environment but also fosters economic growth and local community engagement.

Future Phases and Prospects

  • Future phases envision multiple meals at distinct scenic spots, promising diverse encounters with Uttarakhand’s landscapes. Plans to explore different meal experiences at various locations underscore the department’s commitment to enhancing visitor experiences.

Aerial Adventures with Gyrocopters

  • In a groundbreaking move, Uttarakhand conducted a trial run for India’s first Himalayan AirSafari using gyrocopters. These compact and agile aircraft present a unique way to explore the state’s beauty.
  • Gyrocopters, a hybrid of helicopters and airplanes, boast safety, stability, and maneuverability. Their unique propulsion system, powered by moving forward and air pushing through the blades, ensures flight stability and safety. These aircraft don’t require extensive runways, operating smoothly from smaller airfields or open spaces.

Future Integration and Expansion

  • Uttarakhand envisions incorporating gyrocopters into the breakfast tourism plan due to their adaptability to shorter airstrips and flying in diverse weather conditions. Offering tourists a closer and immersive experience at lower altitudes, gyrocopters promise adventure and spectacular views.
  • Under a pilot project in partnership with Rajas Aerosports and Adventures Pvt Ltd, Uttarakhand introduces gyrocopters through the Himalayan AirSafari scheme. While specific costs for the ‘breakfast trip’ remain undisclosed, officials emphasize that costs would depend on the route and group size.


  • With plans to launch these initiatives in the upcoming summer season, Uttarakhand’s fusion of aviation thrills and natural beauty marks a pioneering stride in elevating tourist experiences while emphasizing sustainability and innovation in the realm of tourism.

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