Unveiling the Concept of ‘Hindutva Rate of GDP Growth’

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December 17, 2023

Unveiling the Concept of ‘Hindutva Rate of GDP Growth’

ExplainSpeaking: What is 'Hindutva rate' of (GDP) growth; how it compares  with 'Hindu' rate | Explained News - The Indian Express

Distinguishing from the ‘Hindu Rate of Growth’

  • The term ‘Hindutva Rate of GDP Growth’ surfaced during a parliamentary discourse, differentiating itself from the economist Raj Krishna’s 1982 coinage of the ‘Hindu Rate of Growth,’ characterizing India’s 3.5% modest growth.

Decoding the ‘Hindutva Rate of Growth’

  • The discussion stemmed from an MP attributing India’s recent 6.3% GDP growth to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies, linking expenditure alignment to ‘Dharma’ or the order.

Rooting in Historical and Religious Context

  • The MP correlated economic shifts with pivotal Indian events like the Ram Temple movement and the Babri Masjid judgment by the Supreme Court.

Analyzing Growth Rates in Depth

  • Despite robust GDP growth, India’s per capita income lags behind developed nations, raising pertinent disparities.

Post-Covid Economic Calculation

  • A 7.8% ‘Hindutva Rate of Growth’ excludes the pandemic year, offering a distinct perspective on post-Covid economic resurgence.

Contrast with the ‘Hindu Rate of Growth’

  • Including the Covid year in calculations mirrors the criticized ‘Hindu Rate of Growth,’ underscoring parallels.

Economic Trajectory under Different Governments

  • Comparing Modi’s 5.8% average GDP growth to the Congress-led UPA’s 6.8% sheds light on differing economic performances amid global crises.

Historical Contextualization of Growth Trends

  • Evaluating growth rates during various administrations, including PM Vajpayee’s and PM Narasimha Rao’s tenures, provides a comprehensive view of India’s economic journey.

Inferences and Culminations

  • The ‘Hindutva Rate of Growth’ closely aligns with historical growth patterns, challenging assertions of its departure from past trajectories.

Electoral Ramifications

  • This discourse prompts reflections on the significance of economic performance in Indian electoral dynamics, particularly considering the BJP’s emphasis on ‘Hindutva.’

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Unveiling the Concept of ‘Hindutva Rate of GDP Growth’ | Vaid ICS Institute