Unveiling Sita’s Bihar Legacy: Exploring Mythology and Historical Links

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December 21, 2023

Unveiling Sita’s Bihar Legacy: Exploring Mythology and Historical Links

A day in the life of 'birthplace' of sita: Looking for Sita in Sitamarhi |  India News - The Indian Express

Understanding Sita’s Bihar Ties

  • Acharya Kishore Kunal, former Chairman of the Bihar State Board of Religious Trust, delves into the roots of Sita’s connection with Bihar. Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, recently unveiled a monumental Rs 72-crore plan to develop Goddess Sita’s birthplace in Punaura Dham, Sitamarhi. This move has sparked discussions about Sita’s significance in Bihar’s religious narrative.

Bihar’s Presence in the Ramayana

  • Kunal draws from the Valmiki Ramayana, the foundational text for various Ramayana renditions, to underscore Bihar’s references in the epic. He highlights the four names used to refer to Sita in the text and traces her birth narrative, where she emerges from a ploughed field tended by King Janak.

Ram and Sita’s Bihar Journey

  • The epic accounts Ram and Laxman’s travels in Bihar alongside Maharishi Vishwamitra. Their sojourn includes notable sites like Chitrakoot, the Ganga-Saryu confluence in Saran, Siddhashram in present-day Buxar, and the Sone-Ganga confluence near Patali (Patna). Notably, their visit to Ahirouri in Mithilapuri (present Darbhanga) holds significance.

Geographical Scope of Mithila

  • The Vishnu Puran defines Mithila as lying north of the Ganga and south of the Himalayas. Various sources and historical records, including Abul Fazl’s Ain-e-Akbari, outline Mithila’s expanse, encompassing regions in Bihar and Nepal.

Deciphering Sita’s Birthplace

  • Previously believed to be Janaki Sthan in Sitamarhi, recent decade-long research suggests Punaura Dham as Sita’s birthplace. This shift, based on Valmiki Ramayan and travelers’ accounts, led to the inclusion of Punaura Dham in the Ramayana Circuit by both state and central governments.

Janakpuri in Nepal: An Historical Insight

  • Kunal sheds light on Janakpuri, synonymous with Mithilapuri, mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan. However, historical references largely refer to Mithilapuri rather than Janakpuri in Nepal.

Sitamarhi’s Historical Traces

  • Historical accounts, such as those by Alexander Cunningham, delineate Sitamarhi’s geographical location and its limited archaeological significance.

Vision for Punaura’s Development

  • The plans for Punaura’s development encompass temple renovations, the creation of a roofed circumambulation path, and the establishment of meditation spaces and cinematic depictions of Sita’s life journey. The Mahavir Temple Trust will further construct a Sita temple within Sitakund following the inauguration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya in January 2024.


  • Kunal’s insights retrace Sita’s significant ties to Bihar, leading to the spotlight on Punaura Dham as her birthplace, while shedding light on Bihar’s profound connections with the Ramayana narrative.

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Unveiling Sita’s Bihar Legacy: Exploring Mythology and Historical Links | Vaid ICS Institute