Unraveling the Legend: Morarji Desai’s Alleged Urine Consumption         

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February 29, 2024

Unraveling the Legend: Morarji Desai’s Alleged Urine Consumption         


  • Morarji Desai, India’s Prime Minister from 1977-79, remains enshrined in public memory for two significant reasons: his rare leap year birthday and the contentious tale of his purported habit of consuming urine, humorously dubbed ‘Morarji Cola.’ This article delves into the veracity of this enduring legend surrounding the esteemed leader.

The Historic Context:

  • Born on February 29, 1896, Morarji Desai assumed the mantle of leadership during a transformative period in Indian politics. Ascending to power in 1977, he embarked on a mission to reshape India’s international alliances, particularly by fostering closer ties with the United States. Desai’s historic visit to the US in 1978, amid a backdrop of strained Indo-American relations, sought to redefine diplomatic paradigms.

Morarji Desai’s Unconventional Revelation:

  • During an interview with journalist Dan Rather for CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Morarji Desai made headlines for an unexpected disclosure: his inclination towards urine consumption as part of his health regimen. Despite Rather’s incredulity, Desai staunchly defended the practice, attributing his robust health at the age of 82 to a diet comprising natural elements alongside the controversial addition of urine.

The Justification:

  • Desai elucidated his stance by referencing traditional beliefs and practices, citing examples from Hindu philosophy and folklore. He argued that urine therapy, rooted in ancient wisdom and observed in nature, offered holistic benefits, cleansing the body and purportedly combating diseases. Desai even drew a comparison to contemporary medical practices, highlighting the purported efficacy of urine extracts in addressing health issues.

Controversy and Skepticism:

  • Desai’s advocacy for urine consumption sparked a mixture of reactions, ranging from amusement to skepticism. While some dismissed it as a quirk of an individual’s idiosyncrasy, others questioned the scientific basis of his claims. The notion of drinking one’s urine, although steeped in cultural and historical contexts, faced considerable scrutiny in the modern age.


  • The legend of Morarji Desai’s alleged urine consumption persists as a curious footnote in Indian political history, encapsulating both intrigue and skepticism. Whether regarded as a testament to unconventional health practices or dismissed as an eccentricity, Desai’s story continues to intrigue and beguile, leaving a lasting imprint on the collective imagination.

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