Understanding the Israel Embassy’s Controversial Video in South Korea

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January 3, 2024

Understanding the Israel Embassy’s Controversial Video in South Korea


  • The recent incident involving Israel’s embassy in South Korea deleting a video depicting an imaginary Hamas attack has sparked significant controversy. The video’s content, the reason for its removal, and the broader implications on diplomatic relations between these countries have come under scrutiny.

The Video’s Content:

  • The video portrayed a fictional scenario where a mother witnesses an attack while attending her daughter’s school event. The imagery of violence, gunfire, and kidnapping aimed to evoke empathy by asking viewers to imagine such a situation happening to them. However, it was criticized for its graphic nature and its use of sensitive themes.

Reasons for Removal:

  • South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervened, requesting the video’s removal. They deemed the video inappropriate, citing concerns over Israel’s portrayal of a security situation in another country. This move followed protests in Seoul related to the Gaza conflict, with tensions exacerbated by the ambassador’s objections to these demonstrations.

Intent Behind the Video:

  • Israel’s embassy stated the video aimed to help South Koreans understand the Israeli perspective amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas. The ambassador highlighted the need for distant communities to comprehend the realities of the conflict, especially after receiving support from South Korea following the escalation of hostilities.

South Korea’s Historical Context:

  • Pro-Palestine sentiments in South Korea are linked to memories of Japan’s colonial violence. Many draw parallels between their past subjugation under Japanese rule and the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation. This historical resonance contributes to support for Palestine among some segments of the South Korean population.

South Korea’s Diplomatic Approach:

  • Despite condemning Hamas, South Korea refrains from openly siding with Israel due to its expanding economic interests in the Middle East. Deals with nations like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, both critical of Israel’s actions, drive Seoul’s balanced stance to avoid aligning firmly with either side in the conflict.


  • The incident involving the Israel embassy’s video underscores the complexities of navigating international conflicts in a globalized world. It highlights the challenge of balancing diplomatic relationships, historical contexts, and societal sentiments while addressing sensitive geopolitical issues.

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