Understanding Rice Bran and the Recent Ban Extension on its Export                           

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March 18, 2024

Understanding Rice Bran and the Recent Ban Extension on its Export                           

Introduction to Rice Bran

  • Rice bran stands as a significant byproduct of the rice milling process, primarily comprising the outer brown layer of brown rice, segregated during milling. Notably, this bran fraction contains approximately 14-18% oil, rendering it a valuable source for extraction.

Characteristics and Applications

  • Nutrient Composition: Rice bran oil, derived from this bran, boasts popularity as a “healthy oil” across regions like Japan, Asia, and notably India. Its pale yellow hue, lack of odor, and nutty flavor contribute to its appeal, alongside its noteworthy content of unsaturated fats, vitamin E, and other essential nutrients.
  • Usage: While primarily utilized in animal feed due to its oily consistency, rice bran holds potential for diverse applications owing to its nutritional profile.

Health Implications

  • Positive Effects: Consumption of rice bran demonstrates a spectrum of health benefits, including anti-diabetic, lipid-lowering, hypotensive, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, its intake correlates with improved bowel function, adding to its allure as a health-conscious option.
  • Potential Considerations: Despite its advantages, certain substances within rice bran might impact cholesterol absorption and calcium absorption. This dual effect could potentially mitigate cholesterol levels while offering preventative measures against specific kidney stone formations.

Governmental Intervention

  • Recently, the Central Government decided to extend the ban on exports of de-oiled rice bran by an additional four months, emphasizing its significance in domestic markets.


  • Rice bran emerges as a multifaceted byproduct of rice milling, offering both nutritional benefits and potential health advantages. With its diverse applications and governmental regulations shaping its utilization, the understanding and management of rice bran remain pivotal in various industries and health contexts.

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