Tackling Maritime Piracy: Insights and Strategies from a Retired Vice Admiral

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February 3, 2024

Tackling Maritime Piracy: Insights and Strategies from a Retired Vice Admiral

• Maritime piracy, an age-old menace, recently made headlines as the Indian Navy successfully thwarted two piracy attempts off the Somali coast within 36 hours. In this expert analysis, a retired Vice Admiral from the Indian Navy delves into the intricacies of piracy, its root causes, and the strategic responses adopted by maritime forces.
Understanding the Geography of Piracy:
• The article begins by shedding light on why certain regions, such as the waters off the west coast of Africa, Gulf of Aden, Horn of Africa, Bangladesh, and the Strait of Malacca, become hotspots for piracy. The explanation revolves around factors like poor policing, weak maritime forces, high shipping traffic, and geopolitical turmoil leading to unemployment and poverty.
Defining Maritime Piracy:
• The author provides a comprehensive overview of piracy, ranging from petty theft to armed hijacking for ransom. The focus is on the economic impact, disruptions to global supply chains, and the escalation of maritime insurance premiums due to the heightened risk posed by piracy.
Addressing the Root Causes:
• Linking piracy to instability and misgovernance on land, the article emphasizes that a lasting solution must be negotiated on land. While international diplomacy addresses these issues, maritime forces play a crucial role in containing and stabilizing the situation at sea, safeguarding mercantile peace.
Indian Navy’s Proactive Role:
• The spotlight then shifts to the Indian Navy’s proactive stance in combating piracy, particularly off the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden. The Navy’s anti-piracy patrol, initiated in 2008, has been instrumental in pushing back the boundaries of high-risk areas. Recent successful interventions highlight the professionalism and effectiveness of the Indian Navy in tackling piracy.
Pirates and Their Modus Operandi:
• The article dispels Hollywood-inspired myths by portraying pirates as desperate individuals driven by poverty. The modus operandi, involving mother ships and small, high-speed skiffs, is detailed. The pirates target slow-moving, low-freeboard ships, exploiting vulnerabilities and instilling fear with small arms or, in some cases, a rocket launcher.
Anti-Piracy Response Strategies:
• A four-fold approach adopted by maritime forces is outlined, encompassing visible deterrence, surveillance, warning systems, and proactive/reactive interventions. The communication and coordination among various naval forces are highlighted, showcasing a united front against piracy.
Challenges and Legal Complexities:
• Capturing the pirates poses legal challenges, given the inadequacy of national laws and the absence of a robust international legal mechanism. The article explores the complex jurisdictional issues involved, leading to the common practice of disarming pirates and setting their boats adrift.
Long-term Solutions:
• The article concludes by emphasizing that a sustainable solution to piracy lies in addressing misgovernance and unemployment onshore. Until then, maritime forces must continue their efforts to ensure mercantile peace in the face of periodic pirate threats.
• In this insightful analysis, the retired Vice Admiral provides a comprehensive understanding of maritime piracy, its geographical dynamics, and the strategic responses required to combat this age-old challenge. The focus on the Indian Navy’s proactive role adds a practical dimension to the discussion, shedding light on successful interventions and the ongoing efforts to maintain maritime security.

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