Surge in PMI signals robust growth across Indian manufacturing and service sectors

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July 2, 2023

Surge in PMI signals robust growth across Indian manufacturing and service sectors


  • The S&P Global India Manufacturing PMI reached a 31-month high in May, indicating a significant upswing in business activity. The rise in the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) reflects strong growth in both the manufacturing and service sectors, suggesting an overall positive outlook for the Indian economy. This article examines the key insights from the recent PMI data, explores the factors contributing to the surge, and highlights the implications for various industries.

Expanding Service Sector:

  • The service sector, also known as the tertiary sector, encompasses a wide range of economic activities focused on delivering intangible goods and services. Industries such as hospitality, retail and wholesale trade, financial services, professional and business services, information and communication technology, healthcare, education, transportation, and logistics fall under this sector.

Understanding the PMI:

  • The PMI is a crucial indicator of business activity in both the manufacturing and services sectors. Compiled by S&P Global, it utilizes responses from a panel of approximately 400 companies to assess changes in key business variables. The PMI is calculated separately for each sector, and a composite index is constructed to provide an overall picture of economic performance.

Interpreting the PMI:

  • A PMI figure above 50 signifies expansion in business activity, while a figure below 50 indicates contraction. The greater the difference from the midpoint of 50, the more significant the expansion or contraction. Comparing the PMI with previous month data allows for assessing the rate of expansion. Higher figures suggest faster growth, while lower figures imply slower growth.

Key Insights from Recent Trends:

  • Fastest factory order growth: Factory orders experienced the most rapid growth since January 2021.
  • Unprecedented accumulation of inputs: Producers accumulated inputs at an unprecedented pace due to lower costs.
  • Improved operating conditions: The PMI index reflects a substantial improvement in operating conditions, with a significant increase from 57.2 in April.
  • Strong growth in order books and exports: Order books expanded for the 23rd consecutive month, supported by a rise in export deals.
  • Highest output levels in 28 months: Output levels reached the highest point in 28 months.
  • Increased hiring: Firms increased hiring to meet capacity demands, reaching a six-month high.

Reasons behind the Rise:

  • Rise in selling prices: Producers raised selling prices at a solid and accelerated rate in May, marking the highest increase in a year.
  • Mild input costs but adjusted charges: Input costs remained historically mild, but producers adjusted their charges due to sustained cost increases and a favorable demand environment.
  • Improved business confidence: Business confidence in growth improved, reaching a five-month high.
  • Public faith in the economy: Positive publicity and demand resilience contributed to an optimistic outlook.

The Conclusion:

  • The surge in the PMI to a 31-month high suggests robust growth in the Indian manufacturing and service sectors.
  • This positive trend is underpinned by factors such as increased factory orders, unprecedented accumulation of inputs, improved operating conditions, strong order books and exports, high output levels, increased hiring, rising selling prices, and improved business confidence.

The optimistic outlook indicates a promising trajectory for the Indian economy and provides opportunities for various industries to capitalize on this growth.

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