Streamlining Airport Processes: DigiYatra’s Paperless Revolution

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December 17, 2023

Streamlining Airport Processes: DigiYatra’s Paperless Revolution



  • DigiYatra, a groundbreaking initiative, revolutionizes airport entry through paperless and contactless procedures. By employing cutting-edge facial recognition technology, it aims to transform traditional airport checkpoints, making travel seamless for passengers.

DigiYatra’s Innovation

  • The system’s core functionality lies in automating passenger entry across multiple airport checkpoints, including entry, security checks, and boarding, by identifying travelers through facial features linked to their boarding passes. This eliminates the necessity for passengers to present physical ID cards or boarding passes, streamlining the entire process.

Implementation and Ownership

  • Implemented by the DigiYatra Foundation, a collaborative effort involving major stakeholders like the Airports Authority of India and prominent Indian airports, this venture stands as a testament to modernization in the aviation sector. The ownership structure, with the Airports Authority of India holding a 26% stake and five major airports collectively owning the remaining 74%, signifies a concerted effort towards this technological advancement.

Usage Guidelines

  • Passengers interested in utilizing DigiYatra begin by registering on the dedicated app, validating their identity through Aadhaar and providing a self-captured image. Subsequently, they share their boarding pass details with airport authorities. At the airport e-gate, passengers undergo a seamless process – scanning their boarding pass triggers the facial recognition system, which validates their identity and travel documents, granting access through the e-gate. It’s important to note that while DigiYatra expedites entry, standard security clearance and boarding procedures remain unchanged.

Advantages and Necessity

  • The need for such technology becomes evident in its ability to streamline airport operations, reducing congestion and enhancing overall efficiency. With successful implementation in airports worldwide such as Dubai, Singapore, Atlanta, and Narita (Japan), DigiYatra stands as a beacon of progress in facilitating hassle-free air travel.


  • DigiYatra’s transformative approach towards paperless airport entry and its reliance on facial recognition technology symbolize a pivotal shift in the aviation industry. As it continues to expand across more airports, it promises a future where travel becomes increasingly efficient and passenger-centric.

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