Sri Lankan CatChurch’s Move to Declare Easter Attack Victims as Saints

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January 23, 2024

Sri Lankan CatChurch’s Move to Declare Easter Attack Victims as Saints

• The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka is considering the canonization of the 273 victims of the 2019 Easter Sunday suicide bombings, aiming to declare them as saints. This significant announcement was made by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo, during a mass on January 21, 2024.
Process of Canonizing Catholic Saints
• The process of canonization in the Catholic Church is a meticulous and well-defined procedure. In this case, it involves individuals who lost their lives in the tragic events of April 21, 2019.
1. Criteria for Sainthood
• Canonization is a recognition bestowed upon individuals who are believed to have led virtuous lives, performed miracles, and ascended to heaven after death. The Catholic Church, over the centuries, has canonized around 10,000 saints.
2. Time Gap for Evaluation
• The process begins five years after a person’s death, allowing sufficient time for the evaluation of their actions and life. Exceptions, like the case of Mother Teresa, may occur where the waiting period is shortened.
3. Postulation and Investigation
• The bishop of the deceased person’s diocese initiates the investigation, known as “Postulation.” The Congregation for the Causes of Saints, a Vatican department, reviews the evidence and documentation. If approved, the individual is referred to as a “Servant of God.”
4. Scrutiny by Theologians and Beatification
• A panel of nine theologians examines the evidence, and if a majority agrees, the case goes to the Pope, who determines if the person lived a life of “heroic virtue.” Upon recognition, the individual becomes “Venerable.” Beatification follows, requiring the confirmation of a miracle.
5. Second Miracle for Canonization
• To achieve formal canonization, a second miracle must be confirmed through a similar rigorous process, culminating in the Pope’s decision. The canonization ceremony involves a special Mass conducted by the Pope.
Unusual Circumstances and Martyrdom
• The case of declaring a large group as saints simultaneously, known as “martyrs,” follows a different path. Martyrs, such as those who died in the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings, can be beatified without a verified miracle but still require canonization.
• The move by the Sri Lankan Catholic Church to declare the victims of the Easter Sunday bombings as saints reflects a solemn process deeply rooted in Catholic tradition. As the Church navigates through this intricate journey, it provides solace and recognition to those who sacrificed their lives for their faith.

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