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January 12, 2024

Revolutionizing Aquaculture Health: The ‘Report Fish Disease’ App


  • The National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases (NSPAAD) project has introduced a groundbreaking mobile application named ‘Report Fish Disease.’ Developed under the collaborative efforts of the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) and led by the ICAR-NBFGR, this app aims to revolutionize the way fish diseases are tracked and managed across the country.

About the Report Fish Disease App:

  • The ‘Report Fish Disease’ app is a vital component of the NSPAAD project, offering fish farmers a convenient and efficient platform to report and monitor diseases on their farms. The collaboration with CIFT highlights its significance in advancing aquaculture health.

Key Features:

  • The app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring easy accessibility for fish farmers. It simplifies the disease reporting process by providing an easy-to-use format. Farmers can report outbreaks swiftly, furnishing essential details such as location, affected species, observed symptoms, and even images for a comprehensive overview.


  • The integration of geo-tagging technology enables prompt responses from authorities, providing real-time updates on reported cases. This transparency ensures accountability in the disease management process. Additionally, the app functions as an information hub, offering farmers valuable resources on disease prevention, treatment, and best aquaculture practices.

Comprehensive Solution:

  • The ‘Report Fish Disease’ app aims to provide a comprehensive package for the diagnosis, prevention, control, and treatment of aquatic animal diseases. By offering solutions for encouraging aquaculture farmers, it seeks to transform disease management, enhancing sustainability and productivity in this critical sector.

Anticipated Impact:

  • This innovative app is expected to reshape disease management in aquaculture. Through early disease detection, data-driven decision-making, capacity building, and efficient resource allocation, it promises to elevate the sustainability and productivity of the aquaculture industry. Ultimately, it aspires to improve the livelihoods of fish farmers, fortify the nation’s food security, and contribute to the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector.


  • In conclusion, the ‘Report Fish Disease’ app emerges as a game-changer in aquaculture health. Its user-friendly features, coupled with its role as an information hub, position it as a pivotal tool in the collective efforts to ensure the well-being of aquatic animals, improve food security, and foster the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry.

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