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February 19, 2024

Promoting Indian Languages in Education: Bharatiya Bhasha Samiti’s Initiative


Recently, the Chairman of Bharatiya Bhasha Samiti emphasized the importance of promoting Indian languages in education. He announced that textbooks would soon be accessible in Indian languages through digital platforms.

About Bharatiya Bhasha Samiti:

Bharatiya Bhasha Samiti, established by the Ministry of Education, Government of India in 2021, serves as a High-Powered Committee for the Promotion of Indian Languages. Its primary mandate aligns with the goals outlined in the National Education Policy 2020, focusing on the holistic development of Indian languages.

Key Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Exploration and Recommendations: The committee is tasked with exploring and recommending pathways for the comprehensive growth of Indian languages.
  • Advisory Role: It advises the Ministry on matters related to the revitalization of language teaching, research, and extension across various institutions nationwide.
  • Formation of Sub-committees: To effectively carry out its tasks, the committee has the authority to establish sub-committees or study groups.
  • Organizing Events: The committee may conduct seminars, workshops, conferences, and webinars to emphasize the significance of promoting Indian languages.
  • Coordination: It collaborates with central and state government institutions involved in language teaching, research, and promotion.
  • Secretarial Assistance: Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University in New Delhi provides secretarial support and space for the committee’s operations, with expenses covered according to government regulations.
  • Appointment of Consultants: The university is also responsible for appointing consultants, experts, scholars, officials, and young professionals as needed, with funding provided by the Ministry of Education.


  • Bharatiya Bhasha Samiti’s efforts underscore a concerted push towards integrating Indian languages into the educational landscape. Through its initiatives and collaborations, the committee aims to foster a deeper appreciation and utilization of India’s linguistic diversity.

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