Nirbhay Cruise Missile: India’s Indigenous Defense Breakthrough

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November 18, 2023

Nirbhay Cruise Missile: India’s Indigenous Defense Breakthrough

India's Nirbhay cruise missile test fails

Introduction: Introducing the Nirbhay Cruise Missile

  • India’s armed forces are preparing to introduce the formidable Nirbhay into their arsenal, a long-range attack cruise missile designed for striking targets beyond the 1,000-kilometer range. This indigenous creation stands as a pivotal addition to India’s defense capabilities.

Unveiling the Nirbhay Cruise Missile:

  • Crafted by the Aeronautical Development Establishment, a lab under India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) situated in Bengaluru, the Nirbhay holds the distinction of being India’s maiden indigenously-produced cruise missile. Its development represents a significant stride in the nation’s defense engineering.

Key Attributes and Capabilities:

  • The Nirbhay, measuring 6.0 meters in length and 0.5 meters in body diameter, carries a weight of 1,500-1,600 kilograms upon launch. It possesses the remarkable ability to engage land targets at a staggering distance of up to 1,000 kilometers. This missile combines a solid propellant booster motor, shed shortly after launch, with a turbojet engine for sustained flight.
  • One of its defining features is its versatility, capable of cruising at sub-sonic speeds of Mach 0.7 at altitudes as low as 100 meters. Additionally, the Nirbhay accommodates a 200-300 kilogram warhead, allowing for both conventional and nuclear payload configurations.

Features in Focus:

  • Launch Adaptability: The Nirbhay exhibits a multi-platform launch capability, amplifying its tactical flexibility.
  • Guidance and Precision: Employing INS/GPS guidance coupled with an active-radar terminal seeker, the missile ensures precise target acquisition and engagement.

Conclusion: A Milestone in Defense Advancement

  • The imminent induction of the Nirbhay Cruise Missile symbolizes India’s technological prowess and strategic leap in defense innovation. With its remarkable range, precision, and adaptability, this indigenous creation emerges as a vital asset in safeguarding the nation’s security interests.

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