Madhya Pradesh CM’s Assertion: Ujjain as the Global Prime Meridian

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December 25, 2023

Madhya Pradesh CM’s Assertion: Ujjain as the Global Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian runs through Ujjain': MP CM Mohan Yadav makes bold claims on  global time-setting - BusinessToday

  • Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav’s recent statement in the state Assembly has sparked interest and debate, claiming that “Ujjain is the global Prime Meridian.” This proclamation asserts that India, specifically Ujjain, dictated global time long before the establishment of the Prime Meridian in Paris and later Greenwich, London.

Unpacking Yadav’s Claims

  • Yadav’s fervent declaration prompts a closer examination of historical time measurement practices to ascertain the veracity of his assertions. To begin with, the concept of precise time measurement has deep roots in human history, tracing back to ancient civilizations like India.

Humanity’s Quest for Time Measurement

  • Historically, humanity has possessed an innate awareness of time’s passage. Ancient Indian civilizations recorded dates using lunar and solar calendars, albeit without everyday precision. The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century revolutionized timekeeping with the emergence of more accurate clocks, particularly impacting industrial practices.

Evolution of Time Standardization

  • Before the Industrial Age, time remained predominantly local, dictated by individual factories or town clock towers. The need for standardization arose in the 19th century with increased global connectivity due to technological advancements like railways and telegraphy.

From National to Global Time

  • Initially, various nations adopted their prime meridians, serving as reference points for global time. The transition towards a universal prime meridian gained momentum in the late 19th century. The International Meridian Conference of 1884 established the Greenwich Meridian as the primary longitudinal reference, aligning with Britain’s global influence.

Ujjain’s Historical Relevance in Time Measurement

  • Yadav’s claim about Ujjain as a Prime Meridian 300 years ago lacks universal recognition akin to the established global prime meridian concept. However, ancient Indian astronomical texts, notably the Surya Siddhanta from the 4th century CE, highlighted a prime meridian passing through Ujjain and Rohtak, showcasing the city’s historical significance in Indian astronomical traditions.


  • While Yadav’s claim lacks widespread acknowledgment, the rich history of Indian astronomy and mathematics does hint at Ujjain’s historical centrality in time measurement. Despite this, the globally recognized Prime Meridian, established through international consensus, remains centered at Greenwich. Yadav’s assertion provokes a reflection on the deep-rooted historical contributions of regions like Ujjain to the evolution of time measurement but doesn’t align with the universally accepted concept of the Prime Meridian.

The Legacy of Timekeeping

  • Yadav’s statement opens dialogue about historical contributions to time measurement, showcasing the intricate tapestry of human civilizations’ quest to measure time accurately. Ujjain’s historical significance in Indian astronomy remains a testament to the rich legacy of timekeeping across diverse cultures and epochs.

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