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March 13, 2024

India’s Latest Naval Asset: INS Tushil Embarks on Sea Trials   


  • India’s naval prowess sees a significant boost with the initiation of sea trials for INS Tushil, the country’s newest maritime asset, setting sail from Russia’s Baltiysk naval base.

INS Tushil:

  • INS Tushil marks the pioneering acquisition under Project 11356M as the inaugural Krivak-III frigate to be procured. This project stems from an Inter-Governmental Agreement inked between India and Russia in October 2016, aiming to secure four additional Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project 11356M) frigates. While Russia will furnish two of these frigates, namely INS Tushil and INS Tamala, India is poised to construct the remaining two domestically.

Project 11356M Overview:

  • Project 11356M represents a strategic collaboration, with the Talwar-class frigates, or Project 11356, serving as the backbone of this initiative. These frigates, equipped with stealth-guided missile capabilities, are tailored to meet the diverse demands of naval warfare across air, surface, and sub-surface domains.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Key to the INS Tushil’s capabilities is its incorporation of stealth technology, engineered to minimize radar and underwater noise signatures. Emphasizing indigenous prowess, these frigates integrate a suite of Indian-supplied equipment, including surface-to-surface missiles, sonar systems, surveillance radar, communication suites, and anti-submarine warfare systems. This amalgamation is complemented by Russian surface-to-air missiles and gun mounts.

Operational Capacity:

  • Designed for versatility, INS Tushil is adept at combating submarines and warships across brown and blue waters while fending off air threats both autonomously and as part of coordinated formations. With a displacement of 3620 tons and a length of 124.8 meters, the frigate boasts an impressive top speed of 30 knots and a cruising range extending up to 4850 miles.


  • INS Tushil’s emergence heralds a milestone in India’s naval modernization efforts, exemplifying collaborative prowess and technological sophistication. With its versatile capabilities, the frigate stands poised to fortify India’s maritime defense and strategic interests effectively.

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