India Establishes Atmospheric Testbed near Bhopal to Enhance Monsoon Study       

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March 16, 2024

India Establishes Atmospheric Testbed near Bhopal to Enhance Monsoon Study       


  • India has recently developed an Atmospheric Research Testbed (ART) near Bhopal, funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). This facility, located in Silkheda, aims to bolster the understanding of crucial cloud processes associated with the monsoons over central India’s Monsoon Core Zone (MCZ).

Purpose of the ART:

  • The ART serves as an open-field research program focused on observational and analytical studies in Silkheda. It facilitates ground-based observations of weather parameters and in-situ monitoring of transient synoptic systems, particularly during the southwest monsoon season from June to September.

Key Objectives:

  • Conducting ground-based observations of weather parameters and synoptic systems during the monsoon season.
  • Generating extensive data to enhance existing weather models and improve rainfall predictions.
  • Calibrating and validating satellite-based observations for weather forecasting.

Importance of the ART:

  • The establishment of the ART holds significance due to several reasons:
  • India’s heavy reliance on rain-fed agriculture, particularly in the Monsoon Core Zone.
  • The ART’s focus on central India is crucial as it experiences a significant portion of the country’s annual rainfall.
  • Limited understanding of synoptic systems and their impact on monsoon rainfall necessitates in-depth study.
  • Central India serves as a natural laboratory for studying monsoon dynamics, aided by the ART’s observational capabilities.

Instrumentation and Capabilities:

  • The ART is equipped with advanced meteorological instruments, including:
  • Aethalometer for aerosol studies.
  • Cloud condensation nuclei counter.
  • Laser ceilometer for measuring cloud sizes.
  • Micro rain radar for raindrop size calculations.
  • Ka-band and C-band doppler weather radars for tracking rain-bearing systems.

Location Choice:

  • Silkheda, chosen for the ART’s location, lies along the path of major rain-bearing synoptic systems. Its pristine environment devoid of pollutants makes it ideal for sensitive meteorological observations.


  • The establishment of the Atmospheric Research Testbed near Bhopal marks a significant step in advancing the understanding of monsoon dynamics in central India. By leveraging advanced instrumentation and strategic location, the ART is poised to contribute valuable insights for enhancing monsoon forecasting and supporting agricultural planning in the region.

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