Increased Interest in Traveling to Nicaragua from India: A Closer Look at Visa Processes and Concerns

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December 29, 2023

Increased Interest in Traveling to Nicaragua from India: A Closer Look at Visa Processes and Concerns

Exploring the Surge in Indian Travelers to Nicaragua

  • Recent incidents involving chartered flights from the UAE to Nicaragua have sparked discussions about the growing interest of Indians in visiting this Central American nation. The surge in inquiries to travel agents and Nicaragua’s representative office in India regarding visa acquisition hints at the increased curiosity about this unconventional destination for Indian travelers.

The Curious Case of Travel to Nicaragua

  • A recent instance of an alleged ‘human trafficking’ endeavor involving an Airbus A340 bound for Nicaragua has further highlighted this trend. While some individuals might genuinely intend to visit Nicaragua for tourism or business, concerns arise regarding the underlying motives behind this sudden surge. Reports suggest a growing inclination among Indians to leverage Nicaragua as a gateway for unauthorized entry into the United States and Canada.

Concerns and Queries Surrounding Indian Travel to Nicaragua

  • Notably, statistics from the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reveal a significant surge in the number of Indian nationals attempting illegal entry into the US, with a substantial portion intercepted while crossing the Mexican land border. Queries for Nicaraguan travel, especially from regions like Punjab and Gujarat, have raised suspicion among travel sector sources due to the lack of substantial international travel history in many cases.

Navigating the Visa Process for Nicaragua

  • Unlike some neighboring Central American countries, the visa acquisition process for Indian passport holders aiming to visit Nicaragua presents challenges. Nicaragua lacks an embassy in India, and its limited diplomatic presence is overseen by an honorary consul general, Vivek Burman, whose office lacks authorization for issuing visas or authenticating related documents.

The Complexities of Obtaining a Nicaraguan Visa

  • Indian passport holders technically qualify for a visa on arrival in Nicaragua, but the process remains ambiguous due to the government’s unclear policy in the public domain. Travel agents advise individuals with valid visas for the US, Canada, or Schengen countries to secure a visa on arrival in Nicaragua. However, those lacking such visas are recommended to directly apply for travel authorization through the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Interior, a process prone to complications due to unclear entry regulations for Indian citizens.

Navigating Entry to Nicaragua

  • The language barrier, with Spanish as the predominant language, and the country’s limited history of Indian travelers, further complicates immigration procedures. This lack of familiarity among immigration officials might pose challenges for Indian travelers entering Nicaragua.

The Call for Direct Communication with Nicaraguan Authorities

  • Nicaragua’s honorary consul general’s office in India urges prospective travelers to liaise directly with the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Interior. Travelers are advised to email their personal details, passport copies, itinerary, and hotel bookings to the ministry to seek guidance on the visa on arrival process, although responses from Burman’s office remain pending.


  • The recent surge in interest among Indians to explore Nicaragua as a travel route raises concerns about potential unauthorized immigration attempts. The complexities of the visa process, coupled with unclear policies and limited diplomatic representation, contribute to the challenges faced by Indian passport holders aiming to visit Nicaragua.

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