Henry Ford’s Wage Doubling: Revolutionizing Work and Company Success

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January 6, 2024

Henry Ford’s Wage Doubling: Revolutionizing Work and Company Success


  • Henry Ford’s pivotal decision to double wages at Ford Motors in 1914 marked a turning point in industrial history. This move, doubling the minimum daily wage from $2.34 to $5, drew widespread attention and varied reactions.

The Shift in Worker Policy and Its Impact on Ford Motors:

  • The decision stemmed from Ford’s adoption of the moving assembly line, revolutionizing car production. With this innovation, the Model T’s production time reduced dramatically from 12 hours to a mere ninety minutes. However, this shift also altered the nature of work, requiring workers to focus on specific repetitive tasks rather than building entire cars together.

The Evolution of Work under Assembly Lines:

  • While the assembly line improved efficiency, it led to increased demand for labor, resulting in a high attrition rate among employees. Despite a large pool of potential workers, retaining skilled labor became crucial. To address this, Ford implemented wage increases and organizational changes, overseen by the first personnel manager, John R Lee.

Rise in Wages and Conditions Attached:

  • Ford’s decision to raise wages to $5 was accompanied by specific conditions, excluding certain demographics from eligibility. The company’s “Sociological Department” even monitored workers’ habits through home visits to determine eligibility for profit-sharing.

Impact on Ford Motors:

  • Contrary to expectations, the wage hike led to a decline in total costs, boosting productivity and doubling the company’s profits within two years. The move not only solved retention issues but also enhanced worker productivity, contributing to Ford’s commercial success.


  • Henry Ford’s bold step of doubling wages was pivotal in transforming the work environment, enhancing productivity, and significantly contributing to Ford Motors’ success, marking it as a groundbreaking cost-cutting measure.

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