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April 12, 2024

Goraiya Gram: A shelter for the sparrow

Recently an article has pointed out about the declining conditions of sparrow.
Key points :
Besides architectural design, there are other factors. Where will sparrows get food? Home gardens have virtually vanished in metros. Insecticides and pesticides have got rid of insects. I remember an article from Down to Earth. To quote, “Subramanya, a Sacon (Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History) member in the National Wetland Conservation Programme and currently working with the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, confirms the decline of sparrows in Bangalore. He attributes it to the lack of nesting sites in modern concrete buildings, disappearing kitchen gardens and the non-availability of a particular larvae (Helicoverpa armigera), associated with the field bean… Formerly, urban households in India used to buy field beans as pods in vegetable markets.

About Eco Roots Foundation :
It is an NGO set up in 2012 working tirelessly with varied stakeholders making them aware and invoking action to conserve ecosystem, environment and bio-diversity.

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