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December 17, 2023

Exploring the Barracuda Boat

The Barracuda: India's fastest solar-electric boat sets sail for  sustainable future - The Hindu BusinessLine


  • The Barracuda Boat, taking inspiration from the swift and agile Barracuda fish, stands out as an exceptional vessel designed for rough seas, capable of transporting up to 12 passengers and cargo.

Key Features:

  • This innovative boat boasts impressive features, including a top speed of 12.5 knots (23 kmph) and a remarkable seven-hour range on a single charge. Equipped with twin 50 kW electric motors, a marine-grade LFP battery, and 6 kW solar power, it exemplifies an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to energy utilization.

Development and Partnership:

  • The Barracuda Boat is the result of collaborative efforts between Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders and Navalt, showcasing a cutting-edge approach to maritime technology and design.
  • Insights into the Barracuda Fish: Delving into the Barracuda fish, which inspired the boat’s name:
  • Species and Feeding Habits: The Barracuda fish belongs to the family Sphyraenidae, encompassing approximately 20 predatory species. Primarily fish eaters, they prey on smaller fish like mullets, anchovies, and grunts.
  • Distribution: These fish thrive in warm and tropical regions, with some venturing into more temperate areas.


  • The Barracuda Boat stands as a testament to innovation, mirroring the agility and efficiency of its namesake fish. Through advanced technology and eco-conscious design, it represents a promising advancement in maritime transportation.

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