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November 18, 2023

Exploring Sagar Kavach: India’s Coastal Security Exercise

Sagar Kavach: Coastal security exercise 'Sagar Kavach' held in Andhra, TN,  Puducherry - The Economic Times


  • Sagar Kavach, a significant coastal security exercise, is poised to unfold its strategic manoeuvres along the Kerala and Mahe coasts. This semi-annual exercise showcases a unified front involving various central and state agencies, illustrating India’s commitment to fortifying its coastal defenses.

Collaborative Effort:

  • Led by the Indian Coast Guard, Sagar Kavach engages multiple forces, including the Indian Navy, Coastal Police/State Police, Intelligence Bureau, Customs, CISF, Department of Port, Department of Fisheries, Directorate General of Lighthouse and Lightships (DGLL), and Kadalora Jagiratha Samithi. This collaborative effort ensures a comprehensive and unified approach to addressing the intricate challenges of coastal security.

Adaptive Security Measures:

  • The exercise is meticulously designed to navigate the complexities of coastal terrains, focusing on robust security mechanisms adaptable to diverse scenarios. It aims to fortify India’s coastal defenses against potential threats through strategic planning and coordinated efforts.

Strategic Division:

  • Participants are strategically divided into two teams: Red Forces simulate infiltration attempts from the sea, while Blue Forces counteract these threats by establishing Coastal Security Surveillance to intercept and neutralize any such attempts.

Engaging the Community:

  • Acknowledging the crucial role of fishermen in coastal security, the exercise emphasizes their active involvement. Fishermen are encouraged to promptly report any unfamiliar vessels operating in proximity to the coast, transforming them into valuable allies for security.


  • Sagar Kavach stands as a testament to India’s commitment to ensuring robust coastal security. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, this exercise not only strengthens defenses but also fosters a vigilant coastal community poised to safeguard India’s shores.

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