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December 5, 2023

Evolution of Call Quality: From VoLTE to Vo5G

Move over VoLTE, it's Vo5G time: How it works and when's India getting it |  Technology News - The Indian Express


  • India’s telecommunication landscape witnessed a groundbreaking shift in call quality with the introduction of VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) back in 2016. This innovation marked a significant leap, offering remarkably clearer voice calls in contrast to the conventional 3G/2G networks. However, with the imminent arrival of 5G technology, anticipation is mounting for a new calling standard known as Vo5G (Voice over 5G), already deployed in several countries.

Unveiling Vo5G: Definition and Advantages

  • Vo5G, also recognized as Voice over New Radio (VoNR), represents the forthcoming generation of voice calling. It harnesses the power of 5G networks for voice transmission, promising a multitude of advantages. Leveraging 5G’s exceptional speed, capacity, and responsiveness, Vo5G aims to elevate the quality of voice calls, revolutionizing communication standards.

VoNR vs. VoLTE: The Advancements Explored

  • Call Quality: VoNR sets a new benchmark by offering superior call quality, owing to advanced audio codecs empowered by 5G’s higher bandwidth.
  • Connection Time: The reduced network latency in 5G ensures expedited call connections with VoNR, enhancing user experience.
  • Reliability: VoNR pledges enhanced call continuity with reduced packet loss, potentially minimizing instances of voice interruptions.
  • Network Transition: VoNR strives to eliminate call drops encountered during transitions from 5G to 4G, a prevalent issue with VoLTE calls.

Prerequisites for Vo5G Adoption

  • For a seamless transition to Vo5G, several prerequisites need consideration:
  • Compatible Device: Users require Vo5G-supported phones, typically available in models released after 2022, equipped with 5G capabilities.
  • Carrier Support: Access to a network provider offering Vo5G services and a suitable plan inclusive of Vo5G calling is imperative.
  • 5G Coverage: Effective utilization of Vo5G necessitates being within an area encompassed by 5G network coverage.

VoNR’s Outlook in India

  • Despite the ongoing 5G rollout in major cities across India, the availability of VoNR remains a challenge. Currently, VoNR is not accessible in the Indian market. However, leading carriers like Reliance are reportedly engaged in testing VoNR, striving for seamless integration into existing 4G and 5G networks. The exact timeline for VoNR’s widespread availability in India remains uncertain, awaiting further developments.


  • The anticipation surrounding Vo5G (VoNR) as the future of voice calling in the 5G era emphasizes its potential to redefine communication standards. While India’s telecom landscape prepares for the 5G revolution, the introduction and widespread adoption of VoNR hold the promise of further elevating voice call quality, yet its availability in the Indian market remains a question awaiting resolution.

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