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May 16, 2024

Dengue Vaccine Qdenga  

Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical will scale up production of its dengue vaccine Qdenga through a partnership with Indian vaccines maker Biological E.

  • These doses will be available for governments in endemic countries by 2030 as part of their national immunization programmes.
  • Biological E. will ramp up to a manufacturing capacity of 50 million doses a year, accelerating Takeda’s efforts to produce 100 million doses per year within a decade.
  • Takeda’s vaccine is available for children and adults in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Brazil has bought 5.2 million doses of Qdenga, with an additional 1.32 million doses provided at no cost, as the country undertakes emergency measures and mass vaccination against the mosquito-borne disease.
  • Since the beginning of 2023, the world has been facing an upsurge of dengue cases and deaths reported with further spread to areas previously free of dengue, according to the World Health Organization.
Qdenga is a vaccine that helps protect against dengue fever, a mosquito-borne illness caused by four different serotypes of the dengue virus.

Function: Qdenga is a tetravalent vaccine, meaning it protects against all four serotypes (strains) of the dengue virus. The vaccine contains weakened versions of these viruses, which can’t cause the disease itself but instead trigger your body’s immune system to develop defenses against future exposure to the dengue virus.

Age range: Qdenga is approved for use in individuals four years of age and older.

Dosage: The vaccine is administered as a two-dose series with a three-month gap between doses.


































































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