Corruption Perception Index 2023: India’s Slipping Ranking and Key Highlights

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February 1, 2024

Corruption Perception Index 2023: India’s Slipping Ranking and Key Highlights

• The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for the year 2023, released by Transparency International, has revealed a downturn in India’s ranking. In this analysis, we delve into the details of India’s performance, the significance of the CPI, and notable global trends.
India’s Ranking and Score:
• India finds itself at the 93rd position out of 180 countries in the CPI 2023, registering a score of 39. This represents a decline from its 2022 ranking of 85, raising concerns about the country’s efforts in combating public sector corruption.
Understanding Corruption Perception Index (CPI):
• The CPI, initiated in 1995 by Transparency International, stands as a pivotal annual indicator of public sector corruption globally. Ranking nations and territories on a scale from zero (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean), it draws data from 13 external sources, including reputable institutions like the World Bank, World Economic Forum, and various think tanks. Importantly, the scores reflect the perspectives of experts and business professionals rather than the general public.
Key Findings of CPI 2023:
• The 2023 results underscore a grim reality – most countries, including India, exhibit minimal progress in addressing public sector corruption. The global average score remains stagnant at 43 for the twelfth consecutive year, indicating a lack of substantial improvement worldwide.
Global Rankings and Noteworthy Performances:
• Denmark maintains its stronghold at the top of the index for the sixth consecutive year, attaining a remarkable feat in transparency. On the flip side, Somalia holds the unenviable position at the bottom, accompanied by countries like Venezuela, Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen.
Comparative Analysis: India vs. Neighbors:
• India shares its ranking with Maldives, Kazakhstan, and Lesotho at 93. A comparative look at neighboring nations reveals that Pakistan secured a score of 29, ranking 133, while China, with a score of 42, holds the 76th position. This contextualizes India’s performance in the regional landscape.
• The Corruption Perception Index serves as a vital barometer, reflecting the global state of public sector corruption. India’s slip in the rankings calls for renewed efforts and strategies to address this pervasive issue. As the nation strives for holistic development, combating corruption remains a paramount challenge that demands focused attention and collaborative action.

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