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June 26, 2024

Chaos in Kenya surrounding the tax bill:

Cause of the Chaos:

  • The Kenyan government proposed a new finance bill aiming to raise an additional $2.7 billion to address national debt.
  • The bill included tax increases on various items, including:
    • Everyday essentials like cooking oil and bread (since dropped)
    • Salaries (with an additional levy for those enrolled in national health insurance)
    • Internet data and other services
    • Motor vehicles

Public Anger:

  • Kenyans were already struggling with rising food and living costs.
  • The additional taxes were seen as a burden, especially for those already struggling financially.
  • Many felt the tax increases wouldn’t improve public services and were simply a way for the government to raise more money.

Protests and Violence:

  • Street protests erupted across Kenya, particularly in Nairobi.
  • Some protests turned violent, with clashes between protestors and police.
  • Tragically, news reports indicate there have been fatalities during the protests.

Current Situation:

  • Despite the protests, the Kenyan parliament passed the bill on June 25th, 2024.
  • The bill now goes to President William Ruto, who can either sign it into law or send it back for revisions.
  • The situation remains tense, with Kenyans waiting for the President’s decision.

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