Analyzing the Gyan Sahayak Scheme: Addressing Teacher Vacancies in Gujarat

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October 23, 2023

Analyzing the Gyan Sahayak Scheme: Addressing Teacher Vacancies in Gujarat

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  • The Gyan Sahayak Scheme, initiated by the Gujarat state government, has sparked considerable debate and opposition from various sectors of society. This scheme aims to tackle the prevalent issue of teacher vacancies in government schools through contractual appointments until regular appointments can be finalized. Since 2014, several Indian states have turned to contractual appointments to fill government job vacancies.

Understanding the Gyan Sahayak Scheme

Interim Solution

  • The primary objective of the Gyan Sahayak Scheme is to provide a temporary solution for filling teaching positions in primary, secondary, and higher secondary government schools until permanent appointments can be made.

Basis in National Education Policy (NEP) 2020

  • This scheme draws inspiration from the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020, which places significant emphasis on the necessity of teachers possessing interdisciplinary skills, extending beyond traditional academic subjects.

Scope of the Scheme


  • The Gyan Sahayak Scheme is applicable to government and grant-in-aid schools, with a particular focus on Mission Schools of Excellence.

Vacancy Statistics

  • The government has announced the hiring of 15,000 Gyan Sahayaks for primary schools and 11,500 for secondary and higher secondary schools.

Salary Structure

  • Gyan Sahaks receive varying monthly salaries based on their assigned school level: Rs 21,000 for primary, Rs 24,000 for secondary, and Rs 26,000 for higher secondary.

Vacancy Context

  • Gujarat is grappling with an estimated 32,000 teaching vacancies in government and grant-in-aid schools, primarily affecting primary and secondary schools. Some secondary schools resort to employing Pravasi teachers to meet their staffing needs.

Eligibility Criteria

Primary Gyan Sahayak

  • Candidates aiming for the position of Primary Gyan Sahayak must have successfully cleared the Gujarat Examination Board’s Teachers Eligibility Test (TET)-2.

Secondary and Higher Secondary Gyan Sahayak

  • Candidates for Secondary and Higher Secondary Gyan Sahayak positions should have successfully cleared the Teacher Aptitude Test (TAT).

Age Limit

  • Both Primary and Secondary School Gyan Sahayaks must be under 40 years of age, while Higher Secondary School Gyan Sahayaks can be up to 42 years old.

Merit-Based Selection

  • The selection process involves the creation of a merit list based on percentile ranks obtained in the TET-2 results. Subsequently, Gyan Sahayak positions are allocated to School Management Committees (SMCs) through district education officers.


The Gyan Sahayak Scheme in Gujarat is a crucial initiative designed to address the pressing issue of teacher vacancies in government schools. By providing contractual appointments as an interim solution, the scheme aligns with the vision set forth in the National Education Policy of 2020. While the scheme has garnered both support and opposition, its impact on the educational landscape of Gujarat remains to be seen.

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