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November 21, 2023

Analyzing the Cancellation of SATHI Proposals

Call for Proposal: SATHI Program 2021 by DST, Govt of India

Understanding the SATHI Initiative

  • The Department of Science and Technology (DST) introduced the Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes (SATHI) initiative to revolutionize access to research and testing facilities. Its core focus is mitigating accessibility issues, maintenance challenges, and the redundancy of expensive equipment across various institutions.

Objectives of SATHI

  • SATHI aims to establish shared, professionally managed Science and Technology (S&T) infrastructure facilities. These institutes, termed Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes, will house major analytical instruments and advanced manufacturing capabilities, filling the void in these resources within individual institutes or organizations.
  • The initiative seeks to create a National Network of Laboratories and testing facilities adhering to global standards. It allocates 80% of available time for external users beyond the host institutes and reserves 20% for internal users. The guiding principle emphasizes maximum utilization and universal accessibility.

Funding Framework and Guidelines

  • Proposals from well-established S&T host institutes, irrespective of their Government or Non-Government status, are encouraged. DST offers funding support capped at Rs 60.0 crore for 4 years to acquire cutting-edge national facilities. The program mandates the formation of a not-for-profit Section-8 company and a Governing Body (GB) in a consortium mode, supported by the granting agency.

Utilization and Duration of SATHI Facilities

  • SATHI facilities are meant to be utilized by users or organizations upon payment of nominal charges, aligning with the accessibility and effective utilization principle. The support duration for the SATHI Project extends to a maximum of 4 years.

Implications of Proposal Cancellation

  • However, the recent cancellation of proposals under the SATHI program has instilled concerns within higher education institutions. This abrupt action has cast doubt on the continuity and accessibility of these critical facilities, potentially hindering academic and research pursuits.
  • In summary, the sudden cancellation of proposals has stirred apprehensions among higher education institutions, raising uncertainties about the future availability and accessibility of essential research and testing facilities envisioned under the SATHI initiative.

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