Alupa Dynasty’s Ancient Inscription: Unveiling Tulu Nadu’s Past

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October 26, 2023

Alupa Dynasty’s Ancient Inscription: Unveiling Tulu Nadu’s Past

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  • An eminent archaeologist’s recent expedition near Mangaluru led to the discovery of a rare inscription linked to the historically significant Alupa dynasty. This finding promises to shed new light on the region’s history.

The Alupa Dynasty: Guardians of Tulu Nadu

  • The inscription introduces the Alupa dynasty, rulers of Tulu Nadu, marking a significant historical milestone.
  • It commemorates the passing of an Alupa king, offering a unique glimpse into the dynasty’s history.
  • References to the Siri cult provide insight into cultural and religious practices of the era.

Archaeological Revelations

  • Kesava’s role in erecting a monument dedicated to Kulashekara Alupendra is highlighted.
  • The Keerthi sthamba, a pillar resembling one in Kulashekara, underscores the ruler’s enduring legacy.
  • The inscription, featuring 12th-century characters, announces the death of Alupendra I.
  • Human figures depict Kulashekara Alupendra in regal postures, providing visual insights into his reign.

Significance in Tuluva History

  • The discovery unveils customs, beliefs, and societal structure of the Alupa dynasty’s time.
  • The Someshwara temple stands as a testament to the fusion of Soma cult with regional culture.
  • Kulashekara Alupendra: Architect of History
  • Kulashekara Alupendra I, a pivotal ruler, founded the city of Kulashekara and influenced temple governance.
  • A patron of Tulu language and culture, his reign from 1156 to 1215 A.D. is confirmed by the inscription’s palaeography.

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