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June 8, 2024

About International Alliance of Waste Pickers (IAWP):

The International Alliance of Waste Pickers (IAWP) is a global union representing waste picker organizations in over 34 countries, with more than 460,000 workers affiliated.

key aspects:

Mission: Advocate for the rights and improve the working conditions of waste pickers worldwide.


  • Promotes the formalization of waste picking as a recognized profession.
  • Supports waste picker organizations in their efforts to gain better access to waste collection and recycling infrastructure.
  • Lobbies for policies that recognize waste pickers as environmental service providers.
  • Provides training and resources to help waste picker organizations improve their efficiency and livelihoods.
  • Challenges:
    • Waste pickers often face difficult working conditions, including health risks, lack of social security, and harassment from authorities.
    • They may struggle to gain access to valuable materials due to competition from formal waste collection systems.
    • Unfavorable government policies and lack of recognition can hinder their ability to earn a decent living.

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