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UPSC Daily Quiz – 9 July 2024

What is /are true  about Udaigiri Cave that was recently in news ?

  1. The Udayagiri Caves are twenty rock-cut caves near Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh.
  2.  The Udayagiri Caves are twenty rock-cut caves near Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh.
  3. It is primarily denoted to the Hindu gods Vishnu and Shiva from the early years of the 3rd century CE to 5th century CE.
  4. They are the only site that can be verifiably associated with a Gupta period monarch from its inscriptions.

Who manages the public debt of the Indian government?


A high level of public debt can lead to which of the following concerns?


What is a potential benefit of using public debt to finance government projects?


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