Daily Quiz UPSC -19 June ,2024

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Daily Quiz UPSC -19 June ,2024

What government department is responsible for registering startups and potentially granting them exemption from Angel Tax?

Which of the following entities is typically most affected by Angel Tax?


Consider the following statements in relation to the National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA):
1. It was established under the Companies Act, 2013.
2. The NFRA is responsible for regulating unregisterd companies.
3. The NFRA is headed by a chairperson appointed by the RBI
Which of the above-mentioned statements is/are true?

Consider the following statements in relation to the Shakti Scheme for Harnessing and Allocating Koyala transparently in India:
1. The scheme is supposed to be beneficial not just for the infrastructure sector, but also for the public sector banks which have huge loans unpaid at the end of the power companies.
2. The Companies, which did not have coal linkages before the introduction of the Shakti Scheme, would benefit when they would get domestic fuel supplies through auction at competitive rates.
3. The scheme also aims to reduce the dependence on imported coal and promote domestic industries.
Which of the above-mentioned statements are true?

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