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Consider the following statements regarding the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Uttarakhand:
1) The introduction of the UCC in Uttarakhand was a key promise made by the BJP during the 2014 general elections.
2) Article 44 of the Indian Constitution mandates the implementation of a UCC, emphasizing uniform personal laws for citizens throughout the territory of India.
3) The UCC Bill in Uttarakhand, led by former Supreme Court Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, is expected to be passed in the assembly on February 5.
Which of the following statements is/are correct?

Which of the following statements are correct regarding the “Nones” in the context of religious affiliation in the United States?
1) The recent Pew Research Centre survey indicates that the percentage of Americans identifying as “nones” has decreased over the past decade.
2) According to the survey, 43% of “nones” believe that religion does more harm than good in society.
3) Among nones, 63% identify as atheists, indicating a predominant lack of belief in any supernatural power.
How many of the above statements is/are correct?

Consider the following statements regarding the recent farmers’ protests in France and the unconventional protest at the Louvre Museum:
1) The activists who threw soup at the Mona Lisa were affiliated with the “Riposte Alimentaire” movement, which is part of the larger “A22 umbrella movement” involving protest groups in multiple countries.
2) The farmers’ protests in France primarily revolve around demands for better remuneration, less bureaucratic red tape, and protection against cheap imports.
3) The soup-throwing incident at the Louvre Museum was a unique protest tactic employed by the activists to emphasize their demand for the social security of sustainable food.
How many of the above statements is/are correct?

Consider the following statements regarding Nitish Kumar’s recent political move and its implications:
1) Nitish Kumar was the architect of Bihar’s caste survey and played a key role in formulating the Opposition’s social justice pitch against the BJP in the 2024 elections.
2) The BJP won all 40 seats it contested in Bihar during the 2019 elections, indicating a potential improvement in its performance if it had contested more seats.
3) Nitish Kumar’s return to the NDA reinforces the BJP’s electoral strategy of combining Hindutva with social justice, challenging the opposition’s narrative.
How many of the above statements is/are correct?

What was the primary driver behind the reduction in major subsidies during Modi 1.0?

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