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Civil-अलंकार: Personality Improvement Program

During the entire preparation of Civil Services examination one thing which remains neglected is the interview preparation. It is the final and one of the most crucial rounds of the civil services examination. Candidates who score well in mains round sometimes lags behind in the interview round and get deprived of good rank and their preferred service and cadre. Opposite of this also occurs, sometimes candidates who couldn’t do that good in mains take interview round as an opportunity and score well here and get their preferred service and cadre. In deciding final rank each mark of interview round counts. Hence, this round can’t be remained neglected.

If we read carefully the UPSC notification, UPSC doesn’t call this final round as interview round rather it calls this the ‘personality test’. What differentiates personality test with the conventional interview rounds is that in interviews candidates’ knowledge is also tested along with other parameters, but in the UPSC’s personality test knowledge is not tested as it has already been tested comprehensively in prelims and mains rounds. Here candidates’ overall personality is tested including his communication skills, civil services foundational values, integrity, biases, prejudices, behavior etc. Considering all these requirements of candidates we have come up with a unique program called “Civil-अलंकार”.

Under this program candidates are asked to prepare on a pre decided topic and prepare a draft on the same. Later based on the evaluation of those drafts few students are asked to present their views in front of an expert panel and audience. This enhances the confidence of the students, improves their communication skills, removes public speaking hesitation and prepares them in advance to face the experts and their counter questions.



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