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Learn how to use Current Affairs in Civil Services Prelims and Mains Examinations

  • News Papers Covers: The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India, जनसत्ता etc.
  • Magazines Covers: Down to Earth, Science Reporter, World Focus, Yojna, Kurukshetra, etc.
  • Government Documents: Economic Survey, Budget, India Year Book, Niti Ayog’s reports etc.
  • Organizations’ & NGO’s reports: ASER report from Pratham, World Economic Outlook Report, PWC’s report on Health, Survey of India’s Environment Report etc.
  • Prelims & Mains practice questions on each current affairs.

Current affair is not a subject, rather current affair is in every subject.

  • As an aspirant preparing for the civil services examinatinos, you must be knowing that at present most questions are asked not from the traditional static portions of the syllabus but from the latest development in India & the World, the contemporary issues, popularly known as Current Affairs or Current Issus i.e. the dynamic portion of the syllabus.
  • Current Affair is not a segment, rather it is a full subject of civil services examinations. You can read newspapers and various other magazines easily available in the market to keep up with the necessary dose of this current affairs. But, this proves out to be a lengthy as well as tedious process.
  • Difficult to read & comprehend newspaper might take as long as 6 hours to read to a lot to many aspirants. This can take a serious toll on your overall preparation while demands equal attention on static portions, optional subject, answer-writing practice, CSAT preparation etc. In such a situation you can’t afford to invest 6 hours or more of your precious time on current affairs alone. And above all, it was just about the newspaper few years ago but now there are other crucial sources also which needs to be focused upon for the civil services examinations like important government documents, reports of NGOs, magazines & websites etc.
  • To score good, you must learn how to use every news & issue in the context of the questions asked in the CSEs.
  • You must understand & comprehend the explicit & implicit information written in the news. You must know how to read between the lines. The exam demands 3600 analysis of every news & issue. Reading news is one thing and being able to use it in the exam is another. What if you get all this in a very crisp & comprehensive manner without consuming most of your precious time?
  • This is what you are going to get in our Civil अनुसंधान program.

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Learn how to use Current Affairs in Civil Services Prelims and Mains Examinations

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