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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2020 (WESO) Report

Why in news?

Global unemployment projected to rise by around 2.5 million in 2020: UN labour report.


More about the news :

  • The International Labour Organization (ILO) forecasts that unemployment will rise by about 2.5 million this year.
  • Report states that, moderate or extreme working poverty is expected to edge up in 2020-21 in developing countries, increasing the obstacles to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 1 on eradicating poverty everywhere by 2030.
  • The annual WESO Trends report by International Labour Organization (ILO) analyses key labour market issues, including unemployment, labour underutilization, working poverty, income inequality, labour income share and factors that exclude people from decent work.

Key findings of the report :

  1. The number of people unemployed around the world stands at some 188 million.
  2. Currently working poverty affects more than 630 million workers, or one in five of the global working population.
  • Working poverty is defined as earning less than USD 3.20 per day in purchasing power parity terms.
  1. Inequalities related to gender, age and geographical location continue to plague the job market, with the report showing that these factors limit both individual opportunity and economic growth.
  2. 165 million people do not have enough paid work, and 120 million have either given up actively searching for work or otherwise lack access to the labour market.
  3. Almost half a billion people are working fewer paid hours than they would like or lack adequate access to paid work.
  4. The rise in trade restrictions and protectionism, which could have a significant impact on employment, is seen as a potentially worrying trend.

Wollemi Pines

Why in news?

Australia firefighters save world’s only rare dinosaur trees.

More about the news :

  • Specialist firefighters have saved the world’s last remaining wild stand of a prehistoric tree from wildfires that razed forests west of Sydney.
  • The Wollemi’s survival is one of the few positive stories to emerge from the unprecedented wildlife crisis in southeast Australia.

Wollemi Pines :

  • The Wollemi Pines are thought to have existed even during the Jurassic period.
  • The Wollemi Pine had only been seen in its fossilized form and was thought long extinct before the stand was found in 1994 and their location was kept secret to prevent contamination.
  • It is classified as critically endangered (CR) on the IUCN’s Red List, and is legally protected in Australia.
  • Wollemi National Park is the only place in the world where these trees are found in the wild. Approximately, less than 200 trees are left.


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