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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

State of the Education Report (SER) 2020

Why in news?

Recently, the state of education report for India [State of the Education Report (SER) 2020] has been launched by UNESCO.

Education status report:

This edition of SER focuses on technical and vocational education and training(TVET):

  • Its aim is to provide technical support to the government.
  • It is known that the government has already announced skill development as a major national priority under the Skill India Mission.


  • There is a broad term, which refers to the study of technologies and related sciences.
  • In addition, it also addresses the acquisition of practical skills, aptitude, understanding and knowledge related to occupations in various fields of economic and social life.

Importance of TVET

  • Promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship.
  • To promote equality and gender equality.
  • Facilitating change towards green economies and sustainable societies.

Key features of the report:

  • The report outlines the vision for TVET quality, which has also been included in India’s new National Education Policy 2020.
  • In this vision, all educational institutions have been called upon to include vocational education in their courses.

TVET Delivery Current Status:

  • As of today, more than 1,000 colleges are offering special undergraduate courses “Bachelor of Vocation”.
  • Vocational education is being provided to more than 12 million students in government schools run by about 10,158 states.

Facts for Prelims:

Himalayan Serow

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