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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

STARS Project

Topics : GS II( Education)/Pre & Main

Why in News?

The Cabinet has recently approved Rs. 5718 crore World Bank aided project STARS for Improving School Education.

Key Facts:

  • Implementation of the Strengthening Teaching-Learning and Results for States(STARS) project with a total project cost of Rs 5718 crore with the financial support of World Bank amounting to US $ 500 million (approximately Rs. 3700 crore).
  • STARS project would be implemented as a new Centrally Sponsored Scheme under Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education. (MOE)
  • Setting up and support to the National Assessment Centre, PARAKH as an independent and autonomous institution under Department of School Education and Literacy, MOE.
  • The project covers 6 States namely Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Odisha.
  • The identified States will be supported tor various interventions for improving the quality of education.
  • Besides this project, it is also envisaged to implement a similar ADB funded project in 5 states namely Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Assam.

All states will partner with one other state for sharing their experiences and best practices.


  • The STARS project seeks to support the states in developing, implementing, evaluating and improving interventions with direct linkages to improved education outcomes and school to work transition strategies for improved labour market outcomes.
  • The overall focus and components of the STARS project are aligned with the objectives of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 of Quality Based Learning Outcomes.
  • The Project envisions improving the overall monitoring and measurement activities in the Indian School Education System through interventions in selected states.
  • The project shifts focus from the provision of inputs and maintaining of outputs to actual outcomes by linking the receipt and disbursement of funds to these outcomes.

The STARS Project has two major components:

1)  At the national level, the project envisages the following interventions which will benefit all states and UTs:

  • To strengthen MOE’s national data systems to capture robust and authentic data on retention, transition and completion rates of students.
  • To support MOE in improving states PGI scores by incentivizing states governance reform agenda through SIG (State Incentive Grants).
  • To support the strengthening of learning assessment systems.

At the State level, the project envisages:

Strengthening Early Childhood Education and Foundational Learning

  • Improving Learning Assessment Systems
  • Strengthening classroom instruction and remediation through teacher development and school leadership
  • Governance and Decentralized Management for Improved Service Delivery.
  • Strengthening Vocational education in schools through mainstreaming, career guidance and counselling, internships and coverage of out of school children

The STARS project also aims to focus on initiatives of PM e-Vidya, Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Mission and National Curricular and Pedagogical Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education as part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Facts For Prelims

Earthshot Prize:

Launched by PRINCE William and The Royal Foundation.

It offers £50m (US$65m) in funding for solutions to the environmental and climate crises.


  • To provide an incentive to find solutions to repair the planet over the next decade.
  • To improve living standards globally and find environmental solutions that work on every level through new ways of thinking, new technologies, systems, and policies.

The prize is centred around five Earthshot challenges:

  1. Protect and restore nature.
  2. Clean our air.
  3. Revive our oceans.
  4. Build a waste-free world.
  5. Fix our climate.

The prize is open to anyone – individuals or teams – which could comprise engineers, activists, schools, economists, governments, banks, businesses, and regions.

The prize money will be used to support the projects to help scale the work.


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