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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

RS Deputy Chairman

23rd Sep 2020

Why in News?

Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu has rejected the no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition against the Deputy Chairman Harivansh saying that it is “not admissible under the rules”.

A no-confidence motion against the Deputy Chairman is a first in parliament and the convention is that Mr Singh should not preside over house sessions till the matter is settled.

What’s the issue?

Opposition parties have accused Deputy Chairman of violating the parliamentary procedures in trying to pass the farm sector Bills in haste, circumventing all demands for proper voting.

They also say that the Deputy Chairman did not allow points of order to be raised and did not allow large numbers of members of Rajya Sabha, from diverse political parties, to even speak against farm bills.

Deputy Chairman:

Rajya Sabha elects a Deputy Chairman to perform the functions of the Chairman in case of a vacancy in the office of the Chairman or when the Vice-President is acting as or discharging the functions of the President.

More about Deputy Chairman, his powers and functions:


He may be removed from office by a resolution of Rajya Sabha moved after fourteen days notice of the intention to move the resolution and passed by a majority of all the then members of the House.

Topic: For Prelims

Kajin Sara Lake :

Why in News?

Kajin Sara Lake in Manang district of Nepal which was discovered recently is all set to become popular as the world’s highest lake.

More information:

  • Kajin Sara Lake will replace Tilicho Lake, which is also located in Manang, from the number one spot.
  • (Tilicho Lake is located at an altitude of 4919 m. It is 4 km long and 1.2 km wide.
  • The depth of the lake is 200 m).
  • It was found by a group of mountaineers.
  • The lake is as high as 5,200 m at Singarkharka in Chame Rural Municipality of Manang.
  • It is about 1500 m in length and 600 m in width.
  • Known as Singar by the local people, the lake is believed to have formed out of a glacier that melted from the Himalayas.
  • Once the altitude of this lake gets verified, it will find its place as the world’s highest lake.

Facts for Prelims


  • Ghoramara Island is news as the island is slowly being submerged by the sea

About Ghoramara Island

  • It is located 92km south of Kolkata in the Sundarbans Delta complex of the Bay of Bengal
  • In fact, every year, with houses and acres of land being swallowed by a hungry sea, the topography of the island alters.
  • The total area of Ghoramara was 8.51 sq km in 1975; it was reduced to 4.43 sq km in 2012.
  • The rapid erosion of the island, located at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal, has grabbed the attention of all those attempting to understand how rising sea levels and climate change are impacting lives and migration patterns.


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