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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

Permanent Commission for Women

Why in News?

The Supreme Court has brought women officers in 10 streams of the Army on a par with their male counterparts in all respects, setting aside longstanding objections of the government. The court ordered the government to implement its judgment in three months.

Court’s observations:

  • The Supreme Court rejected arguments against greater role for women officers, saying these violated equality under law. 
  • The biological argument was also rejected as disturbing.
  • The court has rejected government’s arguments, saying they are based on sex stereotypes premised on assumptions about socially ascribed roles of gender which discriminate against women.
  • It has also said that it only shows the need “to emphasise the need for change in mindsets to bring about true equality in the Army”.

What is Permanent commission?

The permanent commission PC in Indian Armed forces, where you can work for the nation till the retirement, and you have to serve 60 years of age, as a soldiers or as an officer, In the permanent commission, you will be promoted well and can become army general one day but all the allowances and perks are same as SSC no change in that. At the time of joining the candidates have to choose the types of commission and whatever you will choose you will be granted.

What is Short Service Commission?    

The SSC Short Service Commission in the Indian Armed forces is for the just certain period of times, this is just 8 to 14 years of service, In this service, you cannot take retirement and before the 8 years of service, you cannot work more than 14 years. But all the perks and allowances are the same as PC Permanent Commission. Only the difference would be in the Promotion, you will not be promoted quickly.

Why they should be granted permanent commission?

  1. Past records: A quick look at the past records reveals, all the arguments put forth against giving women more responsibility have been answered by the armed forces by giving women greater responsibility in uniform — the IAF has allowed women to become fighter pilots, and the Army has sent them to tough UN peacekeeping missions globally.
  2. Women officers are already commanding platoons, companies and second in command successfully,with male soldiers accepting orders from them as part of a professional force.
  3. Now they are being excluded from commanding a unit, only on the basis that they are women. This argument doesn’t hold water.
  4. A professional force does not discriminate on the basis of gender,it works because of training, norms and culture. Denying women the posts will be an “extremely retrograde step” and “will inflict irreparable injury” to their dignity.

Stockholm convention on persistent organic pollutants

Why in News?

India and Norway have recently welcomed the cooperation on the implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and on the minimization of discharge of marine litter.

Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

  • It’s a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from chemicals that remain intact in the environment for long periods i.e. Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP).
  • It is widely distributed and accumulates in the fatty tissue of humans and wildlife, and has harmful impacts on human health and the environment.
  • It calls for international action on three categories of POPs:
  • Pesticides,
  • Industrial chemicals, and
  • Unintentionally produced POPs.
  • It requires parties to prevent the development of new POPs and promote best available techniques and best environmental practices for replacing existing POPs.
  • In 2001, it originally covered the 12 POPs of greatest concern, called the “dirty dozen:”aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, dioxins, endrin, furans, heptachlor, hexa chloro benzene, mirex, PCBs and toxaphene.
  • Another 16 additional chemicals were added to the treaty in 2017.

 About the Persistent organic pollutants(POPs):

Persistent organic pollutants, sometimes known as “forever chemicals” are organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biological, and photolytic processes. Because of their persistence, POPs bio accumulates with potential adverse impacts on human health and the environment.

Facts for Prelims

Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PM-EAC):

  • PMEAC is a non-constitutional and non-statutory, non-permanent and independent body.
  • It is constituted with the prime and sole aim to analyze all critical issues, economic or otherwise, referred to it by the prime minister and advising him thereon.


  • Submits periodic reports to PM related to macroeconomic developments and issues which will have implications of the economic policy.
  • Analyses any topics, issues assigned by the PM and provide advice to them.
  • Analyses macroeconomic issues having high importance and present the views to PM and any other task which is assigned by Prime Minister.


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