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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

National Service Scheme

26th september 2019

Why in news ?

President of India presents National Service Scheme Awards.

About National Service Scheme (NSS):

  • It is a Central- Sector scheme.
  • Conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.
  • Launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year in 1969.
  • Background: The University Grants Commission (UGC) headed by Dr. Radhakrishnan recommended introduction of national service in the academic institutions on a voluntary basis.
  • Aim: To develop healthy contacts between the students and teachers on the one hand and establishing a constructive linkage between the campus and the community on the other hand.
  • Motto of NSS: “Not Me But You”.


The broad objectives of NSS are to:

  1. Understand the community in which they work.
  2. Understand themselves in relation to their community.
  3. Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process.
  4. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  5. Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.
  6. Develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities.
  7. Gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
  8. Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  9. Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  10. Practice national integration and social harmony.

Nature of Activities under NSS:

Briefly, the NSS volunteers work on issues of social relevance, which keep evolving in response to the needs of the community, through regular and special camping activities. Such issues include-

  • literacy and education,
  • Health, family welfare and nutrition,
  • Environment conservation,
  • Social service programmes,
  • Programmes for empowerment of women,
  • Programmes connected with economic development activities,
  • Rescue and relief during calamities, etc.


Facts for Prelims:

Gandhi Solar Park at UN headquarters:

  • PM Modi inaugurates Gandhi Solar Park at UN headquarters.
  • It is a 50 kilowatt Solar Park at the Headquarters of the United Nations.
  • At a contribution of about $1 million, India has gifted solar panels for this park.

 Ramanujan Prize:

  • SASTRA Ramanujan prize for 2019 will be awarded to mathematician Adam Harper, Assistant Professor with the University of Warwick, England.
  • Every year, this prize is awarded by SASTRA University on its campus near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, on Ramanujan’s birth anniversary, December 22.
  • The prize carries a citation and an award of $10,000 and is conferred annually on mathematicians from across the world who are less than 32 years of age, working in an area influenced by the genius Srinivasa Ramanujan.


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