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MILAN 2020

More about MILAN :

  • Milan is a multilateral naval exercise hosted by the Indian Navy.
  • The MILAN series of biennial exercises commenced in 1995.
  • It was conducted at Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC) until last year, for the first time on mainland at Eastern Naval command (ENC).
  • This year Indian Navy will be hosting ‘Milan 2020’ at Visakhapatnam.
  • Milan 2020 is a week-long multilateral exercise aimed at enhancing professional interaction and learns from one another’s strengths and best practices in the maritime domain.
  • Theme of MILAN 2020 is Synergy Across the Seas.
  • Through the exercise India will pursue cooperation initiatives with friendly foreign countries, including in Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
  • The areas ofcooperation include capacity building, training,operational exercise marine domain awareness, hydrography, technical assistance.
  • 41 nations from South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe that share Defence cooperation with India have been invited for the drill.

Fact For Prelims

What is a Black Box?

  • Any commercial aeroplane or corporate jet is required to be equipped with a cockpit voice recorder and a flight data recorder. It is these two items of separate equipment which we commonly refer to as a ‘Black Box.’
  • While they do nothing to help the plane when it is in the air, both these pieces of equipment are vitally important should the plane crash, as they help crash investigators find out what happened just before the crash.
  • To help locate the cockpit voice recorder and a flight data recorder in the aftermath of a plane crash that occurs at sea, each recorder has a device fitted to it known as an Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB).
  • The device is activated as soon as the recorder comes into contact with water and it can transmit from a depth as deep as 14,000 feet. Also, to help investigators find them; a Black Box is not actually black at all, but bright orange.

Epiphany festival :

  • On 6th January, the Epiphany festival was celebrated in parts of India, such as Goa and Kerala.
  • In Goa, the celebration is known by its Portuguese name ‘Festa dos Reis’, and in parts of Kerala by its Syriac name ‘Denha’.

What is it?

  • Epiphany is a feast day, or a day of commemoration, which in Christianity marks the visit of the Magi (meaning the Three Wise Men or Three Kings) to the Infant Jesus (Christ from his nativity until age 12).
  • According to Christian belief, the Magi — Balthasar, Melchior, and Gaspar (or Casper), the kings of Arabia, Persia, and India, respectively — followed a miraculous guiding star to Bethlehem, where they paid homage to the Infant Jesus.
  • The three are said to have brought gifts for Jesus: gold by Melchior, myrrh by Balthasar, and incense by Gaspar. The visit is believed to signify Jesus’ physical manifestation to the Gentiles (non-Jewish people).
  • The day also commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River.


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