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Test Series (Mock Test)

Test series serve as an important self-assessment tool for all who aim at cracking the UPSC exam successfully and join the Civil Services. Thus, it is only advisable to realize the importance of test series for the UPSC exam in time. The sooner a candidate begins to assess himself by means of the test series for the UPSC exam, the better is the scope for him not only to prepare well for the exam but also to beat the competition when UPSC announces the results. It is so because once you begin to assess yourself by means of the test series for UPSC exam, you get to know both your strengths as well as weaknesses. The sooner you get to know both your pluses and minuses, the better it is. Thus the assessment by means of the test series for UPSC exam gives you a fair share of idea concerning all those aspects of the preparation for UPSC exam where you need to focus more as you would definitely like to work more on the topics and/or the subjects where you are lacking. Also, when anybody talks of assessing himself, he clearly thinks in terms of optimizing his strengths as well and enhancing them to the greatest extent possible.


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