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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

Delhi remains most polluted capital: report


According to a report from IQ Air, Delhi remained the most polluted capital city in the world.


  • IQ Air is a Swiss air quality technology company specialising in protection against airborne pollutants, and developing air quality monitoring and air cleaning products.
  • In the 2020 report, 106 countries were evaluated.
  • The pollution levels are weighted averages, meaning that the population of a country influences the pollution values reported.

Key findings:

  • Of the 106 monitored countries, only 24 met the World Health Organization annual guidelines for PM 2.5
  • Bangladesh and Pakistan were the countries in 2020 with worse average PM2.5 levels than India.
  • When ranked by cities, Hotan in China was the most polluted followed by Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.



  • Delhi’s PM2.5 concentration level in 2020 saw a 15% improvement from that recorded in 2019 when the city was ranked the world’s most polluted capital for the second straight year.
  • This was based on data from the Central Pollution Control Board.
  • Average pollution levels were 51.9 μg/m³ in 2020 compared with 58.1 μg/m³ in 2019, making India the third most polluted country in 2020, unlike in 2019, when it was ranked fifth Of the 15 most polluted cities in the world, 13 were in India.
  • In spite of being a pandemic year, 2020 was particularly severe for agricultural burning. Farm fires in Punjab increased by 46.5% over 2019.


EU has been declared an ‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’:

  • The European Parliament has symbolically declared the entire 27-member bloc as an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone”.
  • A majority of countries in the EU (23/27) recognise same-sex unions, with 16 legally recognising same-sex marriage.
  • As per the resolution, LGBTIQ persons everywhere in the EU should enjoy the freedom to live and publicly show their sexual orientation and gender identity without fear of intolerance, discrimination or persecution.


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