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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 8 December2020

Question 1.The Changi Naval Base belongs to-

(a) Indonesia

(b) Mauritius

(c) Seychelles

(d) Singapore


Question 2.The Great March of Return protests are associated with certain events that have occurred in-

(a) North America

(b) The Balkan

(c) South Asia

(d) West Asia


Question 3.The United Nations’ Resolution 194 is related to

(a) India – Pakistan

(b) India – China

(c) Arab- Israel

(d) North Korea- South Korea


Question 4.What is ‘Tokamak’, a term sometimes seen in the news?

(a) A device that enables the use of thorium in place of uranium for power generation.

(b) It is the world’s first and fully autonomous robot form.

(c) A new method of space travel that utilizes solar sails.

(d)  A magnetic fusion device


Question 5.Which one of the following does not come under the Ministry of Agriculture?

(a) Department of Agriculture and Cooperation

(b) Department of Agriculture Research & Education

(c) Department of Animal Husbandry

(d) Department of Food Processing Industries


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