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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 6 Oct 2019

UPSC (IAS) – Pre 2019

Question 1. Consider the following statements-

  1. Kalbelia folk songs and dances are related to Rajasthan
  2. Mudiyettu is a ritual theatre and dance drama of Kerala

Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?

(a)  Only 1

(b)  Only 2

(c ) Both 1 & 2

(d)  None

Answer-  c


Question 2.  The TN Manoharan committee is related to-

(a)  The provisions of corporate loans

(b)  Digital economy

(c ) cyber security

(d)  None

Answer-  a


Question 3. Consider the following statements regarding Baltic Nations.

1.   It is an official union of three sovereign states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) in Northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

2.   All three countries are members of NATO.

3.   All three are classified as high-income economies by the World Bank and maintain a very high Human Development Index.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(a)  1& 2

(b)  2 & 3

(c ) 1 & 3

(d)  1 , 2 & 3

Answer-  b


Question 4. What is the name of famous folk singer who was also known as ‘Birha Samrat’ recently passed away?

(a)  Hiralal Yadav

(b)  Ajay Kumar

(c ) Shakuntal Sinha

(d)  Arpan Das Mitra

Answer- a


Question 5. What is the name of Kerala’s largest temple festival, which began on May 12, 2019?

(a)  Vishu

(b) Onam

(c ) Aranmula Boat Race

(d)  Thrissur Pooram

Answer-  d


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