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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 20 November 2020

Question 1.Deemed Forests has been defined under which of the following acts?

(a) Forest Conservation Act

(b) Forest Rights Act

(c) Environmental Protection Act

(d) Forest Conservation Act of 1980


Question 2.Mission Purvodaya is related to

  • Provide piped cooking gas to the millions of households in eastern states.
  • Expanding gas grid to new markets in the eastern and north-eastern part of the country
  • Establishing integrated Steel Hub in eastern India
  • Increasing trade with Eastern countries under Act East policy


Question 3.Which among the following countries has been declared as the ‘Reciprocating Territory’ by India?

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Malaysia
  3. France

Select the answer using the codes given below.

(a) Only 1

(b) 1 & 3

(c) 1 & 2

(d) All


Question 4.Consider the following acts.

  1. Paris Convention (1883)
  2. 1967 Stockholm Act

The above-mentioned acts are primarily associated with which topic?

(a) Cross-border trade

(b) Intellectual Property rights

(c) Sovereignty of nations

(d) Ship recycling sector


Question 5.In the context of animal husbandry, what does the term ‘Elite cows’ mean?

 (a) Highly-priced cows in the markets.

(b) Cattles with high milk yield

(c) Cows selected under Pashudhan scheme

(d) Cattles with highest fertility rates


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