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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 19 August 2020

Question 1.  Which of the following statements are true with respect to Bacteria & Virus?

  1. Ribosomes are present in bacteria but it is absent in virus.
  2. Both bacteria & virus has cell walls.
  3. No nucleus is found in both of them.

 (a) 1& 2

(b) 2 & 3

(c) 1 & 3

(d) All

Question 2.Which one of the following is not a RNA virus?

 (a)  Influenza

(b) Polio measles

(c) HIV

(d) Adenovirus


Question 3.Which cells are found in COVID-19 patients for long term immunity?

 (a)  P-cell

(b) D-Cell

(c) T-Cell

(d) Endothelial Cells


Question 4.Which among the following commodities will be carried by Kisan Rail?

  1. Milk.
  2. Fruits.
  3. Coal.

(a) 1 & 2

(b) 2 & 3

(c) 1 & 3

(d) All


Question 5.The Freedom in the World 2020 report was released by –

(a) Red cross

(b) United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

(c) Economist Intelligence Unit.

(d) Freedom House


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